About Us


The Neo human Foundation is a non profit entity by Republic of Sapien working on projects and campaigns in the areas of sustainable development, environment Conservation, Empowerment through Education revitalization of ancient philosophy with teachings methods and promote unbiased history .


Our aim is to help individuals, communities and societies to strive towards self empowerment by enhancing everyone’s standard of living , help in discovering their historical roots, understand their historical past and move towards a sustainable and developed future


Neo human foundation believes in the following

1. Truthful understanding of the past

2. Imbibe within everyone the courage to face the truth of the past , to digest past mistakes and learn from them

3. Understand and rediscover ancient history , teaching style and research techniques to help in solving problems of the 21st century

4. Promote and protect socio-cultural traditions, folklore, arts and heritage

5. Help communities and Societies towards sustainable socio-economic development

6. Collaborate and Coordinate with like minded individuals and organizations towards similar goals

7. Respond and help in solving socio-cultural and natural problems


It was back in the early 2010 , when the founders of republic of Sapien were separately engaged in various socio-cultural activities and were active members for various organizations like Student Unions, Charitable Trust, Cultural Society etc

The Zeal and Spirit for socio-cultural and economic development stayed deeply within the hearts of the founders and over the years, the founders continued their journey along with their professional activities . Finally in 2020 when the world went through drastic changes ,it was decided to give a name, shape and structure to this continued endeavor


We are a zealous team of social and culture loving citizens, who deeply believes in the power of philosophy, traditions and heritage.

Working with us can open up a plethora of socio-cultural discovery , learning and experience towards a fulfilling spiritual life .

Working Philosophy of Neo Human Foundation

1. Time and Money Value :: neo human foundation is a straight forward result oriented help and support program. For every hour of investment of your time you will gain at least 100 times of return in value and gain years goodwill which will be helpful for other productive initiatives

2. 21st century Game :: neo human foundation is well versed with the social economic business challenges and Issues of the Digital Augmented Age and it continuously updates itself with new incoming ideas and technologies

3. Direction of Others :: Most of the entities who are trying to solve the same problems as neo human foundation , are either clinging on to the old world bureaucratic structure of Governance or Management and further hesitant to adopt new ideas and methods .neo human foundation believes in adoption to change to fit in with the progressing world

4. Happening right now :: The world at the current time is embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution , So it is advisable for everyone to embrace this digital-augmented-AI cultural mindset of change immediately and neo human foundation helps its partners to do the same .

5. The Future Ahead :: the future of business and services lies in understanding the habits and socio economic needs of the digital-Augmented-AI age . The ones who would take the leap, will own the future ahead .